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Let's support diversity for small businesses, together

We, at PubliSIS Grind condemn discrimination of any kind. Join the "PubliSIS Grind Diversity Guarantee Pledge" (PGDG) to execute meaningful ways to help.

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Our goal is to...

Ensure that small businesses recognize disability and experience level as variables of diversity as well as share resources to help them support minority/marginalized team members & audiences.

Show your support with a badge or an icon

We designed badges and icons in our media library for you to easily add to your site to show support. You can also link it to any donation website or organization of your choice.


Download and use to spread the news of your initiative on your most used social media accounts! Ask other entrepreneurs and organizations to join us!

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Resources so you and your team can feel confident doing this work!

PG is committed to help you and your team in doing this very important work. This list will give you the tools to find the help that you need to feel equip to communicate, and create spaces that will allow diversity, equity and inclusion to exist and grow for your internal team and clients or people that you serve.

Collectively, we can make an impact.

We're in this together.

Let's help to make a more inclusive world. It's not about the marginalized wanting to be included everywhere, It's about treating people how we should — with fairness and respect.


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