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Coronavirus | Considering Your Audience During a Pandemic like COVID-19 | Brand Refocusing

Updated: Jun 6, 2020

With the closing of businesses, groups, schools and institutions, many online personalities and presentations will fail or be disrupted.

This will not be you or your business if you have curated any form of digital media library.

In addition, social media calendars will work like a dream as well. A social media calendar is tedious to set up but very beneficial and stress saving when it’s time to implement it. Most people with social media calendars have media (pictures, videos, audio, links etc) to choose from because on a day to day basis no one has the time to organize, take, and edit material for online posts or email outreach.

With the corona virus taking over everyone’s plans, whether it’s affected their health or just invading mental space, a lot of people are in the house glued to the internet. If you are someone who has a media library this is the perfect time to get busy with planning out your new material. With doing this, don’t ignore the current mass issue that the world is having because that would be insensitive and inhumane but remind everyone who’s staying home and stalking the internet that your business is here to stay.

Good business owners and brands, understand that social media calendars are not set in stone and can be altered during a pandemic or crisis. Regular brand-related posts are good to stay (promoting awareness or online/in-store sales), if it’s appropriate for the current situation but at least change the original caption a little to remind people to stay safe or encouraged about what is happening at the moment.

You want people to care about your brand but you have to care about your people as well. Matters are more like a four-way intersection. You and your brand need to be ready to change direction at any time. Social media calendars and email campaigns are not the area to be lazy in. This is your direct communication with your brand and the audience. The audience’s brains and thought patterns will always be positioned in the present.

Still don't see the importance?

Imagine the whole city of Philadelphia under a flood. Now you go on FB or IG to see updates on your local hospital or response group’s page due to the style of their website which stylistically they only want to present factual info. To your surprise they have a flyer that was just posted due to a social media calendar automated software advertising a free water ice giveaway later in the afternoon. Confused right? This is what you don’t want to happen for your businesses. Keep things recent and your brand will stay relevant.

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