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LIST: The Products and Tools I use to Manage my Natural Hair

Updated: Aug 1, 2021

I think this blog post will be the answer to many questions that I receive regarding hair growth. Right now it's Tuesday and I am taking a break from actual school work because I just received a couple of messages via Messenger because of my last social media rant. I am so excited to share all of my current products that give me awesome results, ease, and overall satisfaction with my hair.

Me and my best friend Tati recently uploaded a Youtube video to my channel discussing hair care as a follow-up from my IG Q&A session about hair care and the products we enjoy using. The responses from everyone were great, but my IG content is hidden away in my highlights which is easy for some to miss. Since I'm not verified on YouTube, it seems that I cannot upload a video longer than 15 minutes. Turns out, I had to cut so much material which is why I decided to write this blog as a keepsake for anyone who's interested in the details.

If you guys buy any of these products or have any questions, please hit me up on IG and let me know how they are working out for you. Also, I will help with any additional questions as best as I can. Please take note that I am not a cosmetologist. I just mastered growing my own hair and retaining the length of it. I completely enjoy helping others along their personal hair journeys as well, so this is why I talk about it so much! Seriously speaking, understand that long hair is not everything and most of the time it's not a fun thing to deal with. Always value healthy hair over long hair, and a beautiful personality over any type of hair period! You are great just the way you are.

The items listed below are not organic. These are literally products that I've used for a long time and have never given me any issues. I am one of those naturals that buys what I like because of the results it gives I don't look for all natural products because I don't see any problems with what I have been using for all of these years. Listen everyone, put more of the focus on your techniques and overall care; place less blame on the hair products themselves. Trust me.

Love y'all!


This is what I use to refresh my puffs or wash & go type of styles when I wake up in the morning. I spray fluff and go. This is the only thing I use other than water (I use them interchangeably) to make sure my hair is never dry. The only other way I may use this is on my scalp and braids where I know my hair reaches down the braid when I wear my knotless or individuals (even with weave). Don't go weeks with weave and not let this product or water touch your hair. You don't want load of your hair falling out or breaking off when you remove the style. It also smells really good!

The titanium plates on this flat iron is the major key. The highest temperature that I use for this straightening iron is 380 (400 very rarely).

When you go through your hair try your best to use a boar bristle brush or rat tail comb to guide the strands of hair while doing only two medium to slow passes on your "small" sections.

BioSILK - Silk Therapy:

I mostly use this before I blow dry or flat iron my hair. I lightly coat my hair with it before the blow dry mostly. I use it in spots during the flat iron process. This is a light oil so during the week if you feel your hair getting dry feel confident to reach for this. Make sure to focus on your ends more than anything else. Don't just rub it on your palms and smack it down on your noggin.

Butterfly Hair Clips:

Velvet Scrunchies:

Whether I am doing a bun where my scrunchie won't show, I have braids in, or am just loosely holding my hair up at night, I am using one of these scrunchies. They don't damage my hair at all. They hold tight enough for me to do what I need to do and are the new style with knotless braids!

Hook Scrunchies:

These scrunchies have been the answers to all of my hair-related prayers. Theres been times where I thought my arms would fall off just trying to wrap a traditional hair scrunchie around my hair ten times just to get a sleek pony tail. This will prevent arm pain and it will get you the perfect ponytail each time. Use this scrunchie the same way you would a hair ballie (the little hair tie kids wear on the ends of their hair.) Dont connect the hooks. Lower one hook down into the base of your ponytail while holding it in place and wrap the other end around as many times as you like then hook that end into your hair where ever you'd like. My hair doesn't break off from this. It's much less tension than repeatedly pulling my hair through the traditional way.

Murray's Edge Wax:

Tie this down when laying edges! Lays down my edges and base of my braids like a dream! It holds my edges all day and my braids for two months — even when my braids weren't initially braided tight (yes I do actually keep braids in for that long. For "super" protection, I spray over my edges lightly using a medium-hold hair spray (not spritz) and gently smooth in the excess droplets with the tip of my rat tail comb.

Nature's Blessings:

This is the one and only product that I have discovered a long time ago and have been buying for years and will continue to keep in my collection. I use Nature's Blessings for a lot of different things when doing my hair. Mostly, I use this product as a scalp grease, sealant for the ends of my hair, and shine for sleek looks.

Tangle Teaser Brush (wet hair):

If you have naturally curly hair this brush should be made mandatory to use when detangling your wet hair. I can't wash my hair without having this little thing by my side. The way most of these are made makes it feel really comfortable in the palm of your hand

Treseme Anti-Breakage Shampoo & Conditioner:

I can't use one without the other.


FTC: This post contains affiliate links. When you click a link and make a purchase I earn a percentage at no additional cost to you. Hope my suggestions help & thank you for your support!

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