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The Power of the Press Release: Getting Noticed by the Media

Listen, getting your brand featured in the media can feel like trying to get into the hottest club in the city. But with the right press release, you’re not just knocking on the door; you’re on the VIP list. Start by creating a headline that grabs attention. You want the journalist to be as excited about your news as you are.

Then, get to the point. Who, what, where, when, why – give them the "tea" they need without the fluff. And remember, your press release isn’t just a factsheet; it’s a story. Why is your news exciting? What makes it relevant now? Journalists are storytellers at heart, so give them a story worth telling. As long as you can follow this, you have the potential to turn your press release into front-page news. Need help? Contact us.

Photos from our client, Forum Philly's Juneteenth Honors Program & Reception last year (2023).

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