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Welcome to the PubliSIS Grind LLC website!
At PG we offer PR services for individuals, businesses, brands, and events! We are here to present YOU to the public like never before! We know your brand is your baby and nurturing is what we do!

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About Me

Hi I'm Yahne' 👋🏽

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I am a Publicist in Philadelphia and I love building brands!

I had my first P.R. "experiment" in 2014, and have always found myself in similar positions after that. I was networking, directing, connecting, creating and strategizing before I even understood what a brand was.

Since then, I've provided P.R. services for brands in industries such as fashion, entertainment, wellness, food, and even death care. Yes, you read that correctly.

PubliSIS Grind is my baby. My firm's focus is P.R. and our core value is female enrichment/empowerment. We GRIND to promote SISterhood, happiness, peacefulness, productivity, etc. for women and girls within our society.
These are topics that you can explore under the "blog" tab here on my website, or you can find similar content on my Instagram. (@msyonbon

So click around and make sure to subscribe to my email list! Whether you plan to be a client of mine or not, I have a lot of goodies to share with you! The upcoming events, stories and tips that I have will benefit many of you on your individual journeys!


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