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Recognizing experience level and disability as diverse elements

Updated: May 4, 2022

Are you a hiring manager or part of the hiring team? When was the last time that you hired someone with zero experience in your chosen field? Or someone who will require daily accommodations?

There's so many candidates out there who have fresh new innovative ideas about a topic but was turned down for the opportunity because they've only had volunteer experience. Yet as they search for new opportunities, they watch the initial one burn to the ground due to dated practices from employees that has held their positions over 20+ years only due to relationship. Or what about that person who is blind and turned away due to safety issues? But instead was robbed of the opportunity by a person who has loads of experience on their resume because they settle at jobs and are scared to take risks. The candidate that was just passed up is looking for a job to build with due to their drive for organizational culture?

The response should never be "no" due to their lack of experience or alternative ability. That has nothing to do with who this person is on the inside, What you figure out is their strengths and align them with a position that will make both the company and individual happy.

Most often, not getting the traditional candidate boxes checked can be deemed as something that isn't ideal. However, I don't think that most even understand how alienating that is to cancel out a candidate before even trying. Have you considered a way to make it work before thinking of all of the ways that it can't?

The thought of extensive training and altering policies shouldn't be a chore. It may be the best thing that you ever do! Job postings always include the note at the bottom that state "We are an equal opportunity employer," but discrimination is often disguised as something else. Most won't address is because they may believe that there is no way to prove that statement as false. The easiest way they can asses this with your business is if they can take a look at your current team. Be aware,

Considering situations unrelated to the workplace

When thinking diversity, please continue to think of things other than race, age and sexual orientation. We are so much more thank that and we don't only carry one identity at a time. Try to get to know people as much as you can. This will help you to communicate with them better and open your eyes to new things!

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