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Time to support your diverse team

Congratulations! Assuming that you have hired a diverse workgroup or are looking into what you can do to better support a diverse group of people is amazing!

This can easily be an overwhelming thought process so PG is going to help you break it down into a more digestible procedure for you. Wet have two requirements that you will need to meet. Look a these as your DEI starter kit. With these two things you and others on your team will have the ability to handle and work through all of your other DEI tasks and initiatives.

Here are the two things that you will need to do:

  1. Build Agency

    1. Human agency is the mindset or ability that you have based off of your ability to do something (Cole, 2019).

    2. The benefit of building agency within individuals is allowing others to trust in their own opinions and raising awareness of their ability to play a part in the process.

    3. To do this the team should encourage collaborative or experimental involvement. It shows that others have a voice and power in what is taking place.

  2. Build Efficacy

    1. Efficacy is one having the ability to do something. In other words, it's having confidence in the task at hand. (Schneidler, 2020)

    2. The benefit is having a team that is collaborative and who will push for more a things progress.

    3. To do this provide resources, data and pure/authentic intentions.

Now that we have covered that, take a look at our new pledge! You are ready to get things moving in the right direction and we are here to support you while you support your team and customers/publics. The PubliSIS Grind Diversity Guarantee ( #PGDG) is a pledge that organizations and entrepreneurs sign to publicly share their commitment with others as well as receive assistance with their DEI efforts.

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Schindler, J. M. (2020, February 12). How To Have Diversity Conversations With Confidence. Forbes.

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