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The Ultimate Way to Stay on Track | “Sorry” The Publicist-Alibi Phone-Case Collection Launch

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

“Sorry” The Publicist-Alibi Phone-Case Collection was created to be a set of phone cases designed for entrepreneurs. My goal with these is to remind individuals or brands how important balance is in life and in business and to increase productivity — in style. The "Sorry" collection is a fun and light way to encourage people to filter their interactions and actions. When the moment comes that you find best to decline, it doesn't have to be hard. Here's why:

When I used to get distracted and find myself unmotivated very easily, I found ways to stay focused. I put reminders in place that gave me repeated exposure to my ideal way of thinking. I put these types of messages everywhere I knew that I could use them the most.

I hung my dream board on the back of my bedroom door so that I could see what Im waking up for every morning. I put a list of things I wanted to avoid in life on the armrest in my car to encourage myself not to waste time or money. I put a large motivational quote along the top edge of my tv to remind myself to only reward myself with Netflix after I know I got work done by the end of the day each day. All of these things worked in amazing ways.

But, the absolute best tactic that I use to stay focused is reminders on my phone!

I change my screensaver often to say things that I need to keep at the forefront of my mind. The problem arose when I would pick my phone up and constantly have push notifications all over my screen that basically defeated the purpose of the screen saver.

I knew I couldn’t disable my notifications and if you’re anything like me then I have the perfect solution for the next best thing; phone cases! I look at my phone case constantly because I am always reaching for my phone and it gets my mind slowly working its way into your subconscious brain improving your focus and behaviors toward work tremendously. This taps a little into the mere exposure effect, it’s described as a psychological phenomenon by which people tend to develop a preference for things or people that are more familiar to them than others. To make ideas familiar means to be constantly exposed to them.

Don’t let people or situations hold you down!

This tactic even helps individuals to get over tough emotions. When I purchased my first case there was so much going on externally that I was forced to use mine specifically to help my mind to stay in a positive and workable headspace. It worked for me and I would really love for it to work for you as well. Just understand that you have to remain value-focused. That's the point in all of this, break it to them directly, blame it on your publicist and end the statement by saying sorry with a smile.


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