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Verbosity Bridging the Gap Between the Books and the Microphone

Updated: Feb 5

An Inside Scoop on a Potential Bright Future for Philadelphia’s Education System

By: Isa Wilson

What's that sound in the air? Is it love? Well, then again, it's Philadelphia, so there's bound to be some love in the air, even when it's spread through the power of music! This upcoming Friday, love is rising at the World Cafe Live as Verbosity (VerbosityBMN), the hip-hop/R&B music

trio, will take the stage and deliver yet another phenomenal SOLD OUT performance in their pursuit to promote music through education and education through music. If you're confused about how that even works, please don't be discouraged, as the idea of a bridge between those two concepts might seem tricky to process. However, this picture is worth a thousand words, especially when you're using those words to pass down a story from one generation to the next. So when it narrows down to the definition of music and education individually, there isn't much of a difference between the two conceptions, especially when creativity is involved, is there?

Originally from the Philadelphia area, Verbosity was founded by three gifted and talented rappers, Macky Monea, Niyah Iman, and Breezii Lashayee. What sets this group apart from other performing groups within the tri-state area is not only how often they take the time to volunteer and give back to their community during their appearances but also how they use their social media presence and fame as entertainers to raise awareness on severe issues such as domestic violence, pediatric issues and homelessness throughout their discography as well. In addition, they often draw from their shared experiences growing up together in Philadelphia to make their messages more resonant within both their songs and volunteer services. Frequently combining their talents, these lyrical sisters have embraced their unique family dynamic and continue to use it as the foundation of their band's success even as they embark on the latest adventure of their current tour - The Voice of the Voiceless Concert.

Although Macky Monea, Niyah Iman, and Breezii Lashayee will feature as the main event at World Cafe Live, they will have fellow recording artist, Andre Saunders, perform with them at the concert. Also based out of Philadelphia, Andre Sanders is well-known for his work with the community, from using his music to instill positive thinking within the young generation through his three projects on several iHeart Media platforms, including Power 99 and WDAS. Currently serving as the Resident Poet of the Writer's Matter Program, Andre has also been featured in numerous interviews for magazines, articles, newspapers, and television and has also worked with other recording artists, such as Keyshia Cole, Naughty by Nature, Rakim, and Raekwon to Sonia Sanchez.

Hosting this concert, on the other hand, will be Dana Williams, also known as Phillysmotivation. A two-time award-winning motivational speaker and social media influencer, his goal is to use videos to help inspire communities with encouragement for positive thinking, particularly with his overall message: No matter what obstacle comes your way that you will overcome. Currently, on a school tour throughout the Tri-State area to raise conversations on gun violence, mental issues, and grief, Dana Williams will be stopping at the Voice of the Voiceless Concert to help spread the message of positivity and hope with both Verbosity and Andre Saunders at the World Cafe Live in Philadelphia this upcoming Friday.

It seems that society has been trying to get people to pit the concepts of music and education against each other for generations. But why? Who emerges as the winner in this "fight" between the Arts and the Academics? No one, that's who. So why keep the divide when we can build a bridge by encouraging education through positive means? After all, who says that school can't be fun and thought-provoking? That's where Verbosity's mission statement comes into play: to promote deep conversations about issues most people, including Millennials and Gen-Z, face almost daily, especially within the Black community. The Voice of Voiceless Concert will not only bring these stories to the center stage but also will hopefully inspire people to plant the seeds of change within our education system to raise a generation of people who can take a stand against domestic violence, homelessness, poverty, and mental health issues through the powers of community and positivity. While it may take decades to find the best solutions for these issues, there is no better time than the present to get started on brightening our complicated society by promoting education through music and music through education.


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