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What to do after your first news feature?

Updated: Mar 30

Okay so... whether you have already secured your first placement in media or not, we are going to speak it into existence. So CONGRATULATIONS (either way)! You have earned this so enjoy this moment with pride!

Getting the chance to experience your story being told by someone other than yourself gives you such a radiant feeling. Your first placement in a magazine, on television, or anything similar is definitely a "Mama I made it" moment. Earned media is coverage that is not paid for but worked for. This is meant to do a few things for your brand or organization. It will help you to build trust, increase credibility — and can we all be honest for a minute? It also strokes your business ego a little — or a lot. It all depends on the business. But that's okay, because that's your business!

So now here comes the big question...

What are you supposed to do next?

After securing coverage with a trusted media source it is time to get to WORK! At the end of the day, we are in business to do business so don't just sit back for that ride. You can enjoy the view while driving! The goal is to keep the momentum for as long as you possibly can. Ask for help if needed because these moments may pass quicker if the news is moving fast which it always is.

No matter what your business goals are, as an entrepreneur. You must maximize your experience for your sake and the sake of your new potential connections. Of course your feature matters to you. You may go back to review it one hundred times a day. However, it's your job to make it matter to others as well. Just because its shown publicly doesn't mean that the job is complete. Here are a few tips to help you effectively maximize your new media coverage for your business.

Reshare the story being told

An email campaign is a solid way to expand direct exposure to your community. But you don't want to stop there. We now have to share this to the general public again. Many people need multiple events of exposure to be persuaded to actually consume material on the level of high impact or influence. Even if you have to screen record a small snippet of the material to reel people in who may have missed the initial broadcast, posting or rollout -- do that. You could post the video snippets as teasers on multiple social media platforms and link them in to the full story on its original website. Remember to always respect the reporter or editor's work. We need to always show love and recognition to their platforms at all times. (Side note: Resisting to post the "full footage" and sending a public/formal "thank you" is law.)

Bring the audience along for the ride

The moments before and after the media event is crucial. Beforehand, give your audience something to anticipate. If possible, you could show behind the scene footage of who you are working with or even reveal the topic that will soon be expanded on. Have your audience expecting and waiting for the release. After the piece is presented live to the public share your company's or supporters authentic responses. Reflections, reactions, and recaps are all welcome. The more video content the better. Don't stress too much about the quality. The quality has to be tasteful to be relevant in todays social climate of course — however, it doesn't have to be a high production project. In fact, the more raw the material the better it will speak to your authenticity. By doing these things your momentum will begin sooner and last a lot longer. The more people you get to initiate this effort (ie. teammates), the bigger the impact will be. If you don't have a team, implement a mini campaign to instead get your audience involved to your desired capacity.

Amplify your content

If the produced material is in audio or video form, transcribe your most impactful quotations. Make hashtags out of them or attractive quote images. You could even create memes from memorable snippets and if they are received well enough, the internet will do its thing!

Have any questions about any of this? PG is here to help. Can't wait to see all of this unfold for you in the near future! If this has helped you at all feel free to include # PGComm so we can celebrate with you and show you some recognition!

PubliSIS Grind is a boutique PR firm based in but not bound to Philadelphia. Stay connect with us through Instagram or LinkedIn. You can also subscribe to our website to stay up to date on our latest PR blogs. We hope that you achieve all of your business dreams! You got this & we are here to help! Happy communicating!

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