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Why Do I Need a Website if I Have a Thriving Social Media Profile?

Updated: Apr 7

Sis, TikTok has been threatened a million times... THE END.

Just kidding, but let's get real for a second. Your social media profiles are popping, your followers are loyal, and your engagement rates are through the roof. So, you might be wondering, "Why do I even need a website when I'm already killing it on social media?" Well, honey, pull up a seat because PG is here to spill the tea on why a website is the unsung hero of your brand's success:

It's best to own the space that you operate from. If Instagram or TikTok were to end or become less popular you won't be in a position where all is lost. So don't rely too heavily on them.

You'll have more control. Operating control, creative control and so much more. Social media is best to use as a marketing tool.

If managed properly, you'll be discoverable on Google. Though social media is widely used for honest review-based content. Google is still holy grail for payment systems, booking systems, the functions that require the most trust.

Not everyone has a social media account and if so, many may have to fight with the algorithm to find you even if they are searching in your direction. With a website, things like social media will serve as one of many sales tools for your business which makes it less important to beat the ever-changing algorithm. You will still have to perform search engine optimization (SEO) which your natural operating structure cam handle a lot of whereas social media currently works best if your creativity can trigger the social media algorithm daily.

In a nutshell, your thriving social media profile is good to have. But a website should be used as your virtual living space to hold optimal control and security.

If you need help with structuring or strategizing on what is needed on your website reach out to us and we will be able to point you in the right direction to accomplish this.

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