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My White Robe Therapy!

I love my white robe so much.

I’ve been planning to buy a fluffy-white bathrobe for a long time. I’m so happy to have people who love me because it was just my luck to receive one from my sister for Christmas!

I really don’t think you all understand how obsessed I have become with this thing. I knew that it was a complete vibe all by itself — but honeys — listen! A lot of you loved the look but the feel is ten thousand times better!

This whole obsession started with my love for travel. I only saw white robes at places involving extreme comfort. I would walk into my hotel room on the first day of vacation and there it was with some “too-big” slippers to match which I found to be oddly satisfying. Sidebar: who ever said that slippers should be one size fits all? I would also wear white bathrobes at the spa and you already know what that has in store for someone.

So when it comes to me and my white robes, I love them so much because it has a calm, and peaceful association attached to it. I wanted to bring that same feeling into my home so that’s exactly what I did. My robe has helped with my at-home productivity and has also killed my pandemic blues.

I think everyone; man or woman, should have at least one bathrobe. It doesn't have to necessarily be white like mine but you MUST experience this type of comfort for yourself if you don’t have one. To find a robe very similar to mine you can find it here in all colors: Chevron Textured Robe (Amazon).

I have to actually keep 3-4 bathrobes at a time because it has become an external form of medicine for every situation while I’m home. I feel absolutely beautiful when it is on and I would love to share this same mental-luxury experience with the rest of you!

And don’t think that I forgot about my Valentine day sweeties! There’s no escaping the fact that Valentine’s day is quickly approaching and more likely a large percentage of us will be planted in the house with our loved ones. So maybe think about some fancy robes to match whatever aesthetic you have planned! I have a few suggestions with a free 2-day shipping code. Here you can find 2 options to some really flattering robes infused with the feels! Here's a soft satin robe (Walmart) and a pretty lace robe (Walmart) to fall in love with. Make sure to use this free 2-day shipping text link code: 619711. You know how much we all love free shipping!

Slipper options as well! Here's a nice brown leopard print pair and a white leopard print pair from the Kylie Collection (Walmart)! If you have been stuck on a Valentines day gift for a guy, here's a possible solution. Don't wonder if its his style or not.. you have to trust me on this one! I also have a free 2-day shipping code for you guys!

Enjoy! Also, let comment on Instagram and let me know how this works for you!

With Love,

The White Robe Advocate XOXO ❤️

FTC: This post contains affiliate links. When you click a link and make a purchase I earn a percentage at no additional cost to you. Hope my suggestions help & thank you for your support!

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