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5 Steps: To Live a Refreshing Life in a World With so Much Noise

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

Refreshed - adj. having regained strength or energy. Feeling refreshed means to feel revived.

Recently, I rebranded and added "Living a Refreshed Life" to my list of content and focus. It happens to be a huge part of who I am and many people can benefit by making it a part of who they are as well.

Embodying and remembering these five simple steps will answer other questions as well, (i.e. How to reduce stress?, How to handle anxiety?, or even, How to increase mindfulness).

Living a refreshed life includes anything that makes you feel clutter-free, at peace, happy, or calm. With this theme I will specifically post content that involves life hacks, fun activities, inspiration, items that help productivity.

Step 1:

You have to want it

Replace the word "it" with whatever "it" is for you. "It" for you could be peace, happiness, productivity, comfort, etc. There are definitely a lot of toxic and discouraging things going on in the world today. Challenging times can possibly shake us, by forming negative attitudes that can easily contribute to an ugly rabbit hole of problems.

Everyone wants out of a bad situation while they are in the midst of one. Understand that you can have what you desire. It doesn't work if you sit back and do nothing. It comes from being honest with yourself, doing the work, and welcoming change.

Step 2:

Declutter and filter your surroundings

People usually have an ideal image or lifestyle for themselves. But how do you think you will arrive to that place? Naturally you become what you constantly absorb. Listen and watch material that trigger progressive actions and positive feelings within you. Do the same with the company that you keep.

Short story: As a child I never was a follower. I usually steered left from where ever a crowd was. When I attended my local inner-city public school in the Philadelphia school district, I was surrounded with students who didn't have a lot of support and discipline. I made really good grades but I still felt a sense of comfort and acceptance the few times I didn't do so well on my assignments. When I transferred to a better school district with a much stronger schooling system those thoughts disappeared. I always wanted to do better, but when I fell short, I picked up tips and tricks from others unconsciously. People even introduced me to new places, hobbies, and concepts. I learned a lot from my surroundings and community in the inner-city school, but that area didn't offer me value in the new things that I needed to learn going forward.

This theory works with all things. Especially social media Your surroundings will never be 100% positive but aim for content and contexts you desire to have for yourself. You have to be very careful about what the "norms" are around you whatever the "norm" is, believe that it will grow.

Step 3:

Understand what peace is

My faith is in God but where ever you faith lies you must always remember that faith are not things seen by sight and you won't ever fully know what the future holds but things will turn out how they are supposed to regardless. And for those who always see the glass half empty, stress helps nothing — nothing at all. Stress and worrying clouds your mind and makes things ten times harder. Express what you feel but center yourself back into peace. There's someone out there who already handled a situation just like yours with worst circumstances.

Peace to me also means not deliberately adding more stress to your current situation. For example, I can't live in a messy house. Yes things get a little crazy here and there, but getting rid of what isn't needed or what is out of place creates less worry for me in the house which also maximizes my peace. Clutter will stress me out. It is something about open space and organization that adds to comfort and increases a sense of peace.

Step 4:

Remember input

Synonym for refresh: restore

Regularly restore your own magic. Now the Queen Mattie James helped me to realize this one. In an industry like P.R. or entrepreneurship in general, there is so much output going on. Givers are always at risk of experiencing burnout. Adding value to your clients/customers, helping others to succeed, and creating bomb content, are all things that "take" from you. Not only in business, but think about all of the parents out there with kids especially during quarantine. You will be operating off of fumes if you don't take the time to restore your own value. Podcasts, Youtube videos, books, Instagram, intriguing convos are all things that trigger creativity and provides you with knowledge. The key is it has to be equal both ways. Make time to absorb as much as you put out. Balancing the input and output of value in your life makes you constantly feel refreshed.

Step 5:

Do what makes "you" happy

Naturally, our body knows what it wants to do, but our minds constantly work as a restraint system. Oftentimes, it works overtime to sway us to do other things that on the surface may seem right but realistically aren't in line with our actual values. Some common reasons include: considering others' feelings, anticipating judgement, following habit, being afraid of the unknown, and so many more.

As much as possible, ask yourself why you are doing or not doing certain things. Take your mind through a screening process before granting it the permission to make decisions — check yourself. Choose your own feelings and do what will benefit your values, whatever they may be. Whatever you do, DO NOT let things that won't matter next year dictate your decisions.


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