5 Steps: To Live a Refreshing Life in a World With so Much Noise

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

Refreshed - adj. having regained strength or energy. Feeling refreshed means to feel revived.

Recently, I rebranded and added "Living a Refreshed Life" to my list of content and focus. It happens to be a huge part of who I am and many people can benefit by making it a part of who they are as well.

Embodying and remembering these five simple steps will answer other questions as well, (i.e. How to reduce stress?, How to handle anxiety?, or even, How to increase mindfulness).

Living a refreshed life includes anything that makes you feel clutter-free, at peace, happy, or calm. With this theme I will specifically post content that involves life hacks, fun activities, inspiration, items that help productivity.

Step 1:

You have to want it

Replace the word "it" with whatever "it" is for you. "It" for you could be peace, happiness, productivity, comfort, etc. There are definitely a lot of toxic and discouraging things going on in the world today. Challenging times can possibly shake us, by forming negative attitudes that can easily contribute to an ugly rabbit hole of problems.

Everyone wants out of a bad situation while they are in the midst of one. Understand that you can have what you desire. It doesn't work if you sit back and do nothing. It comes from being honest with yourself, doing the work, and welcoming change.

Step 2:

Declutter and filter your surroundings